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The Instagram “challenge” - one minute songs


A little while ago I started making short songs that fits the Instagram video format that is limited to one minute. I make a new song each week.

I like the idea of having the limited time to present a “full song”. And that most people will hear it only once. Thus not challenging their attention span too much. ;-)

Normally I’m in the synthpop/electrorock genre. But this week I went for more of a grunge-ish vibe.

You can hear it here - you don’t need to have a instagram account:

I’ve used 3 Warmoth guitars - the 8-ball with the Fernandes sustainer, my baritone guitar tuned to C and charvel-style tele-shredder in standard E.

The sounds comes from the Axe Fx II Xl. Friedman HBE and Soldano Slo 100 models.

Recorded in Presonus Studio One and video edited in iMovie.

Let me know what think about the idea.
If you like it and want to see and hear more follow me at:


If you have have music related Instagram then drop it here or tag me on Instagram @instasustainer

I only follow music related stuff - So if you are posting your cats, latest coffees and meals I will unfollow you (sorry Pete Thorn and others - LOL)


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I have an old vinyl album by the Residents that has 40 songs on it.

The label wanted something they could get on the top 40 so the band said hey let's get all 40 on the top 40. First instance of one minute songs I can remember.
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