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The first ever Extension Module for MFC-101 !


Ok so I FINALLY managed to finish my pedal board, which includes the MFC, roadrunner's extension module and two Ernie Ball VP JR pedals, modded to become expression pedals with this tutorial.

Before I put the extension module on my board I opened it up to look inside. I open up everything, if it's easy enough (e.g. haven't opened up the AxeFX so far, I'm too afraid :D )

What can I say... The thing is beautifully built! The soldering is perfect, the chassis is almost perfectly lining up next to the MFC. It's not cheap, yes, but it's the best thing you can have, except if you are a pro and want to do it on your own, which ... you really don't! ;)

In my opinion it's worth every penny!


Power User
Hi, I really appreciate the kind words, the feedback is always important, thank you so much. :)

the chassis is almost perfectly lining up next to the MFC.
Yap, that was one of the trickiest thing here, to have the enclosure curves aligned as possible with the MFC's.
Considering all done by the eye only (I don’t have the exact drawing of the MFC) I think it went out pretty well.

Again, thank you very much for the kind words.


I second the call for orders so there will be enough for a batch and I can get one made too. Come on guys, order yourself a Christmas present!
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