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The Drive Block's "Dry Level" parameter is a beautiful thing


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One thing that always bothered me about real OD/DS pedals is that I would hear too much of my clean dry guitar signal coming through which would not mix well with the OD/DS + Amp tone. To some extent this was remedied by tweaking the OD/DS and/or amp tone/gain but often not enough for me to ignore that clean dry tone kind of sitting on top of the rest of the signal. Maybe I'm not skilled enough in terms of dialing in OD/DS + Amp tone (I find getting a good OD/DS setting depends just as much on the amp setting as on the OD/DS setting). The Drive block's "Dry Level" parameter is a complete godsend in this regard - I can't recall seeing this parameter on a real OD/DS pedal (maybe it changes internally with level/gain - dunno) but it is so awesome to be able to dial in just the right amount of dry clean coming through which is what Dry Level seems to do. Maybe it is a crutch but man I don't mind using it (I seem to like about 25%). Belated thankyou! Fractal for making this parameter available. 👍👍
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Hmmmm. So much I haven’t even looked at yet. That’s what I love about this forum. I learn a lot here. Guess mine is at default whatever that may be. Next go round I’ll check it out.


Just because you don't see the control on a drive pedal doesn't mean it's not there - the Klon for example the drive control is basically a mix
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