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The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!


A quick review: This class is truly excellent. I honestly think FAS should strike a deal with Cooper to have this included with every new AXE III purchase. I learnt TONS and had a blast going through it. If you have any sense that this might be for you, just buy it. You won't be sorry.

Longer review: I have been using FAS gear since the beginning (started with an AXE Standard, then an AX8 and now waiting for a III to arrive) so I am pretty familiar with the units. I learnt a great deal from this class, much more than I imagined. This is not just the basics or a run through the manual. It is packed full of practical tone shaping tips and tactics presented in an engaging and fun format. There is so much detail here I am going to have to watch it all through again a second time and take notes.

Cooper does a great job to make things entertaining, and being able to see his mind working in real time as he builds out everything from single effects and amps to full on professional rigs is amazing. The way he works with the unit was totally different to how I approached things and had real light bulb moments for me, things I will now follow from now on. Honestly, seeing how he approaches things and thinks through tones was amazing and worth the price of admission alone!

It was also great to hear little stories about his work with bands and artists and get an inside glimpse into some of the settings they are using thanks to Cooper's influence.

The sections on building different typical tones was really great and showcases how easily you can build professional rigs with this machine if you approach it correctly. I also particularly enjoyed the sections on internal controllers - some of the uses Cooper has for them were truly novel (to me at least) and finally pulled together my previously fragmented knowledge on this powerful part of the Axe.

I will be honest - I was a little wary of the cost initially. But this was misguided, as having completed the course I can attest to its value and the immense amount of work Cooper has put into building it. He is also just a great presenter, speaker and explainer which makes for very easy (and fun!) watching.

I think everyone, no matter how new or advanced, should watch this course. It looks like Cooper is in the process of updating the content too which I look forward to, and makes the initial outlay even better value.

There is one thing that would make this offering perfect @ccroyalsenders - and that is providing a downloadable version of the course. I understand this has been in the works for a while, but I would like to add my voice to the hungry crowd who really want to see this happen. If the course provider you use can't provide this, even emailing a dropbox link to purchasers or something would be perfect.

Good work @ccroyalsenders. Can't wait to see more instructional products from you.
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