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The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!


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Available at: https://classes.coopercarter.com/axe-fx-iii-master-class-with-cooper-carter

N.b. though I was on FW 1.18 for the majority of this class, the presets were exported on FW 2.04 and will load as empty if you are not updated.

Another note: I've already gotten questions asking about techniques I'm using in later sections that I explain in detail in earlier sections. I totally get the desire to want to skip right to what you most want to learn about, but I did design the class to be a progression that builds, and I truly do think even more advanced users will get a lot out of the early sections.

I have lost count of the messages asking when this was coming, and now I am thrilled to announce the latest installment in my Master Class Series, the Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class!

In twelve hours of studio instruction, we'll go deep into the mind of the machine, recreating classic sounds, sculpting new tones, building presets, and learning how to dial in effects quickly and with confidence. Throughout the class, I'll be sharing some of the tips and tricks I've developed over years of working in the studio and onstage with bands like Dream Theater, Journey, Maroon 5, Avenged Sevenfold, and dozens of others who rely on the Axe-Fx for their tone. The $120 studio pass grants access to the complete course including all lesson modules, content on the new FC series of foot controllers, and all the presets created during the class.

Purchasing the class will give you direct access to all of the class sections at any time, anywhere, forever. New sections will become available when they are added (FC series, etc.).

Introduction and Philosophy
Initial Setup and The Setup Menus
Basics of the Grid
Dialing in a Clean Tone
Dialing in an Edge of Breakup Tone
Dialing in a Classic Rock Tone
Dialing in a High Gain Tone
Introduction to Scenes and Channels
Consolidating Four Presets into One Rig of Power
Building a Live Preset with Scenes and Channels
Dialing in an "Amp in the Room"
Further Exploring the Amp Block
Using Multiple Amp Blocks
Live Mixing Between Amps
Creating a Sound on Sound
Running Two Guitars into the Axe-Fx III
Running an Acoustic and an Electric Guitar into the Axe-Fx III
Running a Guitar and a Bass into the Axe-Fx III
Running a Full Band on One Axe-Fx III
Introduction to Physical Rig Options
Utilizing Multiple FRFR Outputs
Using the Axe-Fx III with a Solid State Power Amp and Cab
Using the Axe-Fx III with a Tube Power Amp and Cab or a Head/Combo
Using the Axe-Fx III with an FRFR System and an Onstage Power Amp and Cab
Using the Axe-Fx III as the Ultimate Effects Processor with the Four Cable Method
Using the Axe-Fx III as an FX Loop Only Processor
Using the Axe-Fx III as a Front End Pedalboard
Introduction to Modifiers and Controllers
External Control with Pedals
Internal Controllers
The Envelope Follower
The Sequencer
The Pitch Follower
Scene Controllers
Control Switches
Tone Matching Electrics
Tone Matching Acoustics
Turning Electric Guitars into Acoustics
DAW Control and Live MIDI Switching
Managing Presets & Cabs, Wrapping Up & Further Exploration
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By one on one, do you mean a live interactive lesson with each student or more like a youtube training video with one on one followup if needed.



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A really good idea. Even after years of using Fractal gear most of us haven't even used 50% of the things you can do with these units. I highly recommend every Axe-Fx III owner to seriously think about taking this course.


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Don't miss this guys! Invaluable is the word that comes to mind.

Cooper is of course an expert with the box but moreover his classes have been informative to the beginner as well as advanced users. His teaching style, delivery, and preparation are absolutely stellar.

Seriously, don't miss this!
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