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Mikko, it is great to see you get back to your Super-Ego CK freebie roots ...I have just tried this on a few XL+ presets , and while I wouldnt yet back your claim, but I will declare that this is NOT THE WORST IR IN THE WORLD...very clear and present , and seems to go nicely in a stereo cab..also big ups for the universal formats..gonna run it with my LB-2 XLOAD and my lil Runt and see what happens...Gracias.


Not to sound like a dick, but best in the world.....not even close man. :p This will NOT be making it to my user slot.
Hope this is leading up to something new you're working on, you been slacking. :D

How about a Soldano 4x12 eminence V12???????


Is this our consolation prize to everyone who doesn't win the contest? I'm guessing V30 and Mesa of some sort because CK and the word "best"

Thanks dude, appreciate it


Let me guess. This IR is shot from the same cab as the ML USA Djent pack. The response curves look quite similar, especially that dip and spike around 600 Hz.
Anyway, thanks a lot!!


Cab Pack Wizard
Ha! I love the assumptions that you guys are throwing but I'm not going to tell. Definitely not slacking!! Working on something yuuuge! Just seems like these days it's best to keep your mouth shut so your ideas remain your ideas if you know I mean. ;)

About the IR. Start with a fresh preset with everything set to noon and you should be good to go. It's a very neutral IR so it has lots of mids. When used correctly it's the easiest and quickest way to get THE BEST TONE EVER ... in modest words. To give you an example Zach Munowitz posted this video under 10 hours after I posted the IR:

5153 amp sim with stock settings and this IR. No post processing. Then he had time to track and record the full song. Film and edit the video. And the sound is THE BEST EVER right? :)
I've only tried it at low volume with headphones, but I'm already very positive about it - it seems very punchy, while being more clear than my favourite cab for a long time, Factory Cab 57, OH Pr-55.

Great stuff, really looking forward to trying it out at volume. :) Thanks!


I tried it with my of my own existing C++ presets and didn't like what I was getting, I tweaked the preset a little to match up with the IR more and I must admit it sounds pretty killer! I can get good low end from it without getting flubby and still have plenty of high end without that shrilly fizzy sound. On my setup XL+ with JBL LSR 308 it sounds awesome.
I included my preset with the IR if anyone wants to give it a try.


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