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Wish The Ability To Save/Load Individual Channels for Blocks


It would be REALLY AWESOME if we were able to save individual channels of an effect and be able to load them back into a block on an individual channel basis .... i.e. say I create a great Drive on channel A of Drive Block 1, then have another good one on channel B of Drive Block 2 .... if we could just save the individual instances so that you could load them into individual channels of the 1 Drive block ..... if that makes sense? I run into wanting this more with things like Delay, Reverb, Chorus, etc..... but the Drive Block would be useful as well. Not sure what all that entails programming wise, but it would definitely be a nice, time saving addition!

Joe Bfstplk

You can currently copy one channel of a block to the clipboard and paste it into another instance of that block, and you can also copy the channel over the others, so it doesn't seem too hard of a stretch to simply place another instance, paste in the channel(s) you want, and save that block in the library.

Having said that, having a channel library would be verrrrry handy....
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