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The 300th amp model?!


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la szum

I like the Pitbull idea. But it would probably be weak without a monster power section.

ADA? ok I guess. to make the mob happy. I rocked a MP-1 for a decade in the late 80s to the late 90s. IMO, every FAS model smokes that POS.

I used to have 2, including a Voodoo Amps modded one. I always felt they were a bit overrated, to be honest. There's
my outlier take for the day. :)

I can look back and not one time have I ever felt/thought that the MP-1 is where I had the best tone.


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With 300 being such a milestone, I think it would befit Cliff just designing his own Amp based on his wealth of experience.

But for goodness sake Cliff.....take a break first.


My vote for #300 is the amp that does to all existing amp models what the Klone Chiron did for all drive models. What amp could lead to new discoveries in Cliff's approach?


Like with the Klon, y'all don't realize each time the DC30 Jumped gets mentioned, Cliff's delivery date gets pushed back by a week!

OTOH for every FW thread it never gets mentioned, it moves up one month!
see I have much more faith in Cliff as a good person, not someone petty enough to carry themselves in such a manner.

Doc Rock

I haven't read through all of the pages on this thread, so may have missed it if already suggested. But what about a Line 6 DT50 (or DT25)? including all the controls for changing everything from triode/pentode to the Class of the power amp? It has digital modelling in front of a real power amp (designed by Bogner) and can get some outstanding sounds out of the beast.

I have a real DT50 2x12 and it is a HEAVY bugger.

Way too heavy for gigging - so it lives in the studio. But it's so different from other amps, and so flexible, and sounds great at whatever settings you have it on.

Just a thought, as the DT50 is such a versatile amp, although modelling all those parameters that can be controlled on the real amp may be a challenge, even for the monster-sized brains that Cliff and his team have.

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