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Thank you Chris@AxeFxTutorials

Rockin Axe

Well deserved Chris. And a great gesture of Goodwill on the part of the FAS Team. A+

Chris has personally helped me countless times over the years, from Skype calls to messages.

Chris is a genuine nice guy with a big heart, always ready to help, removing emotion and bias from his responses.

Well done buddy!


Kudos, and thank you to Chris.

And to FAS - great gesture. While it's impossible to regulate the garbage out of a forum, acknowledging and rewarding the positive can have a powerful effect.

In this forum, Chris embraces the "be the change you want to see in the world" philosophy. If enough of us do this, we can crowd out or at least marginalize those influences we come across that are here to argue, nit pick and tear down rather than assist, encourage and build up.


Fractal Fanatic
A big THANK YOU from Bill and I over at Gigwrx as well. When we were struggling to put our website together two years ago, Chris generously offered to help us. If it weren't for him we would probably still be trying to piece a site together and you all would not have had the chance to order our MFC labels. Thank you again Chris and when your ready for a set of labels just give us a shout. They are here ready and waiting to relocate to beautiful Hawaii.



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Nice one Chris, well deserved.

Your MFC + SP1 Mission pedal tutorial video saved a bunch of time.. what, over 2 years ago now? It really helped me get used to MFC editing when I was just starting my Fractal journey. Very good to see you're still helping and troubleshooting the new as well as the more experienced users. :)


Very nice! Chris has helped me in the past too! His tutorials was one of the deciding factors in my decision to take the plunge and get an Axe FXII and an MFC. Sometimes good things happen for good people! Woot!
nice gesture from the folks at fractal!
happy for you chris!
i've definitely benefited from your help when i first got my mfc some years back...


I am happy for you Chris and it is well deserved. Nice gesture Fractal. I am one of those 'dumb' question dudes, and sadly, I have using the AXE for as long as Chris. I have really appreciated the videos you have done and I have watched them more than a couple of times. Cheers, David


i use the term "dumb questions" only because others do. honestly, they are just typical questions that almost everyone asks for whatever reason. no harm in asking them.

digital units have a lot of things hidden and you need to constantly use them to remember where things are. that's just how anything goes from the physical/analog transition to digital. i mean, look at the telephone! it's completely transformed and i do consulting to help people learn how to make a call on a typical modern cell phone.

we all have different experience levels, that's all. i like to help people learn how to do things for the future, not just change the settings and be ok for the next 5 minutes.


I have been watching this thread for a couple of days and only now do I have a chance to comment. First, once again Cliff, Matt and the whole fractal team has demonstrated that they are a class act all the way around. Kudos. Second, Chris deserves this recognition for all the things he has done over the years to support the Fractal community. He not only knows his stuff but he goes out of his way to help all of us as we sort our way around this incredibly powerful technology. For a while it looked like we may have lost him but we are all lucky that he came back. Thanks Chris.


Well done chris and well done FAS!
Please note that i can do my best to help people about ax8 when it comes out ;)
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