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Testing Les Paul overdriven sound (feel like going home)


Wow, where was your crossroad, did you met Satan himself, is there any contract or was a handshake enough. Or is it just your guitar (58 or 59 ???) This tone is too good to be true.
So many questions ...
By the way: Which amp?


Awesome playing! Can you describe the guitar you're using for these videos? I know it's a Les Paul, but which model, pickups, settings, setup, etc. Thanks!


it's a 2-17 les paul true historic, slash first standard.

basically it's a reproduction of the first standard LP.
I know a lot of the playing/sound is from your fingers... But, I never get the kind of "bloom" you're getting (I've been playing for almost 50 years). I'm not sure if it's the pickups, blend of the neck/bridge pickup, tone control settings, etc. I have some nice guitars, but do not have an original repro 58/59 Les Paul. Just a stellar sound from all the videos you've shot with this guitar! Thanks.
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