Test of 10" Cabs - "real" and IRs with Cab-Lab ;-)



Test and comparison of a cab with three 10 inch speakers: Celestion Ten 30 - Jensen C10R - Fender Special Design 10 as well as 2 Cab IRs using Cab-Lab: Princeton BF mic’d with a 57 and Princeton SF with a 4047. The sound comes from an Axe-FX III, amplified by a Victor Custom Tri Power tube power amp and mic’d with a Rode NT1.

I reamped with Logic Pro by sending the "raw" guitar signal already recorded, in the Axe-Fx III, while recording the Cab mic or the output of the Axe-FX III (without Cab) via USB. Uh.... is that clear? 🙃

Also very interesting for comparing mic'd Cabs and IRs ... 🎸😊
Interesting comparison. To me, the Celestion sounded really good on the dirtier amps. The Jensen sounded good, but with a little more 'zizzy' sizzle on the distortion. The Fender Special Design has even more 'zizzy' sizzle, to the point of being a hair too much. The BF Princeton IR sounded a bit boxy with the distorted tones, likely due to that dip in the upper mids. The SF Princeton
IR sounded pretty good dirty. The Jensen, Fender Special Design, and SF Princeton all sounded fantastic clean, with a lot of presence and detail, and the Celestion also sounded good clean, with a nice percussive 'thwack' on the rhythmic stuff.

If I were filling a 4x10 or 2x10 with one of these speakers, I think I would be buying the Celestions, or a mix of Celestions and Jensens.

Noticeably missing from the test: Weber 10A125 and Blue Pups, which are probably a bit less common on that side of the Atlantic....
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