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Tempo Issue


i’m having an issue with the stored tempo in my Axe III presets that I suspect could be MFC related. For example, I program a preset and set the tempo to 96, make sure that tempo to use is set to “preset” not global, save the preset. When i recall the preset using the MFC the tempo is somewhere around 34 BPM. I’m using an IA switch as a tap tempo, it’s momentary, set not to send with preset. Can anyone offer any help?


I just tested it and the tempos come up as I stored them when the MFC is disconnected. Must have something to do with the way I have configured my tap tempo switch.


@unix-guy You seem to be the resident expert on the midi stuff, might you be able to shed some light on this tempo issue?
Well, I'm "comfortable" with midi... Not sure I'm an expert, or even the most experienced around here, though :)

I did read this thread the other day... Nothing obvious came to mind.

One thing you could try is to remove the Tap Tempo button from your MFC setup temporarily and see if the problem goes away. If it does, then we can zoom in on why.

If it doesn't, then we have to think of something else ;)

Do you send any custom sysex?

Also, you can connect your MFC to your computer with a USB to midi adapter and then use a midi monitor like Midi Ox to see what is being transmitted.
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