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Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig

Alex C


This looks like a great product. Compared to the original guitar Fly Rigs, this one seems to have some really useful added features like a built-in tuner and a pre/post switch for the boost, along with the bass-specific stuff.

EDIT: It looks like this product was announced in January (and I somehow missed it), but is now available for preorder and should be shipping soon.
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Yup, I have one on preorder. It seems very interesting, and will be cool to see how well it sounds. I ran an RPM / RBI set for a long while and liked how it sounded.

There's a chasm out there just waiting for some company to fill for bass players and modeling. Eventually, someone will step in to try and fill it. If they execute well on it, I seriously feel that they can make a lot of money at it. Tech21 makes some great products (and some controversial ones).


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Looks really good! And no surprise to me I have always liked Tech 21 right back to the original San’s Amp.

I have a Fly Rig 5 and have had some great fun with it. I have played a few backyards, local bars and so on. Those situations: “John, go home and your guitar man”

When grabbing a guitar on the fly, yeah I look at the Axe Fx and my MFC but just grab my Fly Rig 5 instead and a wah pedal. Hell just jamming on a few songs! Truth of the matter I get a good sound too.

So like you guys I have some interest in this too. I do play bass (sort of) Ha ha



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That looks awesome for Bass players!
If I was playing Bass, I would have that and a powered combo amp....done.


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The bass Fly Rig would have been really cool about 10 years ago IMO. Yes, it covers all the basics in a very small package, which is neat, but now that I'm satisfied with the things that can be accomplished with digital multifX modelers for bass, I get put off by the comparative limitations of a dedicated pedal like this, when I can have a lot more variety and other goodies in a pedal that's not much bigger and costs the same or less.

I'm sure that fans of the Tech 21 stable of bass amp/cab emulations will be cool with this pedal, though. I've been a fan of Tech 21 stuff for many years...but...I'm just more of a fan of more flexible digital pedals now. Sort of like analog vs. digital mixers.
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