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Taylor Acoustic IR's


Hi all, sorry but I'm new here and i can't post link, so here the content of a Dropbox i found ....

BigRalphN, is the right one?

Let me know


I think it is. I will double check when I can. I hwv grabbed so many IRS it is crazy and I wasn't smart enough to bookmark every site

Will Chen

Finally had some time to dial in a pseudo acoustic. This s about as close as I could get. With humbuckers it sounds more like a resonator, but it's somewhat convincing with single coils. Clip is my Foto Flame Tele using the neck pickup (Strat style) and I'm using Taylor 314ce - DPA 4011 IR.



  • Acoustic.syx
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Jos Pelkman

I've tried these with an electric to get some acoustic flavored tones. A couple of them sound decent, similar to what you'd get out of one of those acoustic emulator pedals, a little less real than the Variax or Roland GK emulated models, and of course no where near as nice as a true miced up acoustic. But it's another tool if you need that flavor on the fly. There's a nice Nylon string IR out there as well.

Thank you, I will give that a try


New Member
I had heard about these but had to go through a few not fun steps to get these so figured I'd just post them here if anyone wanted them. They do sound pretty good.
Can anyone tell me how I get these into my ax8 I am new to this and can't get the downloads to migrate into ax8 editor or open any where


How exactly do I use an IR? Or build a preset with an IR? Im reading that I build a preset with no amp block, and the IR gets uploaded into my cabs files, and then the IR becomes the cab block? and then EQ and add effects to taste?

Would it make sense to use an acoustic IR with my acoustic models from my Variax?
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