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Tape Delay Bit reduction not working? and delay drive question


Fractal Fanatic
I have noticed today after updating to FW19 that the bit reduction of the mono tape delay is not working. It is working with other algos including the stereo tape algo.
Don't remember if it worked before FW19.

And another side question. I noticed that when using the drive in the delay there is a volume decrease in the repeats in most algos. With using drive on other delay pedals or machines there is an increase in volume. Is there a special reason for the volume decrease?


Fractal Fanatic
ok, thanks. Didn't know that. Also because stereo tape does support bit reduction that's what confused me. Any ideas on the drive vs repeats level decrease?


Fractal Audio Systems
My algorithms compensate for the drive by taking the inverse after. This means you don't have to constantly adjust the mix when adjusting the drive.


Fractal Fanatic
ok, good know and very good that the level gets compensated. Only I feel the level decreases somewhat. Most noticeably on the mono tape also. I have to compensate by increasing the repeat level or delay level. Not a major issue though.
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