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Taming the High End via the Cab Block With One Slight Tweak - Any IR


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EDIT: And thanks for saving my sanity; turns out I am not crazy, or at least about this particular thing :)

Hey thanks for the info :) I didn't think it was an issue but something I had to learn, and that confused me . I played around with a PEQ for a bit and it indeed shows a bump around 2-3 dB from 5K-6K with my parameters; it is from the knee getting harder so the notch and high end I hear is the delta between the top blue line knee and the harder knee. Combine that with the preamp also blocking even more from 10K up and there isn't much difference left to hear except the difference in knee; particularly with old farts whose hearing doesn't go much past 14/15K lol.

Here are some screenshots to show what I mean:

7777.7Hz@ 3dB/Oct: Sounds Dark - less 4K-7K

View attachment 76557

7777.7Hz@ 24dB/Oct: Sounds Bright - more 4K-7K

View attachment 76559
Yep, it's the exact same thing I was talking about 👍


I set the high cut about 6500-7500 depending on cab, and also bump the low cut up to 80-100. I find the high cut keeps the ear fatigue down and the low cut keeps me from stepping on the bass players toes (just a little :)).
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Ok. I stand corrected... not sure why I thought Rex was a mod.

Maybe I’ve misread Rex’s response as being sarcastic and condescending. He has a lot of knowledge and is very helpful on the forum, so I prefer the good advices than the snarky attitude.

Please forget about this and keep the good info coming.
No worries. Interpreting Internet posts can be a real minefield. I’ve gotten it wrong once or twice. :)


I've found since switching over to York Audio IRs I haven't had to use High and Low cuts as often to get things sounding good, but it's still a good tool for the toolbox, especially when it comes to fitting into a mix. Even if it's fairly subtle when isolated, adding the high cut can leave a little more room for cymbals/etc in the high end of the spectrum.


Do you run directly into your DAW, direct-to-FOH, or FRFR?

This is a trick that I've done for many years, and though it isn't my idea... here it is again. This is not an "FM3" only trick; this works on any device or IRL (in real life with analog gear in the recording/mixing realm).

Many people do this automatically; I'm just offering another reminder to clean the 'hash' out of the top end of your tones.

When dialing up your cab block, be sure to take advantage of the "High Cut" (aka "Low Pass") setting there can do. In years past, or with other devices (or on your EQ on the board if you were recording/mixing), you'd have to use EQ (preferably a parametric EQ) to do this.

Typically I start with a setting of 6kHz; I then tune to taste but honestly - no matter what IR's you use... this value is pretty much all you need. Set it... and forget it.

View attachment 76551

People that are not familiar with this and have not yet tried it might think that it would remove the 'sparkle' or 'shimmer' or 'gliss' from their tones... it won't. What it will do is control the 'hash' from the top end. It will tighten and focus your tones, making them more musical and fit in the mix better.

Try it.

Have fun!
Do you think this should be the Factory Default setting?


Do you think this should be the Factory Default setting?

I think 6k is a bit low for a factory setting. 10k is not too low, still smooths the top a bit but not too much. Depending on the IR 6k can be awesome or too dark. It’s not a bad starting point though, and it was interesting to audition different cabs with that low cut as you have to pay more attention to the midrange.

Scott Peterson

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Do you think this should be the Factory Default setting?
Everyone has different requirements, rigs, tastes, and preferences. Also with the wide range of IR"s from so many sources, it's not always one value to rule all.

It's where I start from, not where I always end up. But I'm a traditionalist if you look at what I like in general. If your taste aligns with mine, then I'd strongly suggest you start with it and trust your ears.

Dave Merrill

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Does anyone change the Proximity setting in the cab block? Can add some fullness, if you're looking for that.
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Joe Bfstplk

I run a PEQ block with band-stop filters set to 69Hz (captures Eb nicely, and easy to remember, dudes ;)) and 8600Hz, both set to the steepest slope. Works for me!
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