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Talk me into purchase


New Member
I have owned (and cherished) my Axe-Fx II XL for six years now. I have absolutely no intention of letting it go, too many fond memories.

However, I have been eyeing an Axe-FX III for some time now. I've managed to hold off until now by telling myself that the II has been "good enough" for my needs, but I'm starting to feel 1) a little constrained in my tone questing and 2) envious of new features like the Archon model.

Please, someone help convince me that I need the III and that it's the right time to make the purchase. My reservations come from always getting spooked that a new version is just beyond the horizon (I know, I know...) and the fear that my dumb ears won't be able to tell the difference between the two models.


I'd wait a bit.. seems like it's been really quiet on the firmware front, so that leads me to believe something is cookin'. IMHO YMMV.



Edit: I have got one with the refund in mind last month if i would not gel with it, it took me exsactly 1 Amp and 1 minute playing untill i decided to keep it forever and fell deeply in love with it!:sweatsmile:
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If you're ready to end the ultimate tone quest, get the III. If I can't get it to sound right, I know it's just me. Though I always get it to sound better than I expected.
I became a fractalite when the 3 was released and I guess at the beginning it must have sounded close to the previous version.
If I´m right you should seriously considering getting a 3. With the cygnus firmware released a couple of months ago it is like having the axefx 4 in a axefx 3 box. And depending on which sound you´re after the machine can now really handle EOB and cleans. And on top of that you have all the amazing big sky type reverbs, delays, overdrives... etc. I don´t want to spend a day without it :)

Geoff L

New Member
I had an AX8, I went to the Axe FX III and a FC12. I regret nothing.
The new album I've been sessioning on, both the Artist and Producer are more than happy. They ask for tone, they get it.
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