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Talk about a wall o' sound!!


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So most of my presets nowdays consist of two amps, each with their own separate chain, including their own effects, panned hard at the outputs.....dry to a stereo 4x12, and mostly wet to a pair of CLRs for a modified w/d/w set up, and sounds really good. Then I got bored! Ha ha

What I did is this...Instead of sending one output to the CLRs and one to the Matrix/Marshall, I am having them share outputs! What I mean, is in this particular preset, I have an Uberschall going to output 3, .... the left channel is going to the left CLR, and the right channel of that output is going to the left input of the Matrix, which feeds the left two speakers of the 4x12.
Then I have a Mesa Mark IV going to output 4,.....the right channel is going to the right CLR, and the left channel feeds the right input of the Matrix, which goes to the right two speakers of the 4x12.
Since I run the Matrix at 2 o'clock, and since the 4x12 side of each channel has two speakers compared to one CLR, I turn each output's balance control way over towards the CLR to even things out.

This set up sounds HUGE! Much bigger than the w/d/w I was doing before! If you have a pair of frfr's and a stereo 4x12.....TRY IT! You will like it! Here's the patch if you want to have a go.

Oh, and as an added plus, then I ran into @guitarzen 's Balance patch, and added his pitch and reverb blocks to the end of each chain, and WOW!!! Thanks for that!


  • UberMark4.syx
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