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Take On Me Cover


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My cover band cut a studio version and video. Guitars and bass are all Axe FX II, though I don't know how much post-production is on it as we did it with my friend/engineer at the helm. I will say that it's 4 different amp models layered with different rhythms with various amounts of gain to get the guitars full and thick. We did this video for a talent contest, so it'd be super awesome if you followed the link and clicked "Like" (doesn't require any sort of registration, login, facebook linking or anything like that. Simple click).


Here's an embedded version for your enjoyment as well, but it would be crazy super awesomely helpful to click the above link and click "Like".


Edit: I'm the guy with the tattoos, beard, and science shirts.
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That drummer.

Yup... The drummer Rocks! Great rendition.

She's pretty stellar. She was actually the original drummer for my other band as well and moved to Colorado for awhile. She moved back a couple years ago so it was a no-brainer when we formed this band.

Ya know, it's the damnedest thing, I can play the most face melting solos all night and on break, dudes will walk straight up to me and say "Dude! Your drummer is amazing!" /shakesfist

At the end of the night, without fail, we have a group of guys asking if they can help carry her drums.


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Wow, I did not expect this response! Thanks for all the kind words. This was my first attempt at editing video and it was a friggin' nightmare (around 10 hours of editing for 4 minutes of video).

Liked! You all did a great job and i really dig the vocals on this one.

Our singer is crazy self conscious. It's his first studio recording, so he was all nervous that nobody would like it. I will let him know!


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Great energy dude. Good stuff all around, and yeah... the drummer rocks. Vocal was very cool too, tell the man he did a great job.

Added a "like" on serco too!
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Yep sounds great dude. Liked on youtube n servo. Agreed on the drummer kicking ass and singer sounds great. Reminds me how much fun being in bands was.
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