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Tablet editor for the Axe-Fx (Axe for Lemur) full PDF manual


Fractal Fanatic
The Axe for Lemur manual

Skip to page 34 if you want to see what this outstanding editor can do for dialing your Amps and cabs and all the blocks in your Axe-Fx. See PDF for limitations of the app.

In my opinion, this is the fastest way to dial the blocks in your axe-fx presets. Bugs are few and harmless, the application cannot overwrite/mess up the preset you're working on (you save with Axe front panel or with footswitch volume increment/decrement function), and it's out usually within 48 hours of any firmware update.

Requires iPad, $50 Lemur iPad app (no Android version...yet), Scrutinizer's Axe-Fx editing template (donation link below), and a couple free things - the Lemur Editor and Lemur Daemon. See PDF for ways to set it up.

These are Scrutinizer's links, just posting here for convenience and so users can access the donation link.

Hardware and software projects: Axe4Live
Click here to download the latest Axe for Lemur template, now supports v10.02 firmware!
Donation link to support Axe for Lemur development
Click here to to learn more about Axe for Lemur (PDF file)


Fractal Fanatic
In honor of Scrutinizer's contributions to Axe-Fx editing,
someone who isn't on FAS payroll,
someone who didn't accept donations for his hard work until recently,
I propose a "holy-shitballs" nod of appreciation to Scrutinizer from the community.

holy shit-balls! Nice editor!

Who's with me?
Holy shit-balls! Nice Editor indeed!

Hi there,

I am running the latest firmware fw14 with the axeII xl and besides switching through presets and x-y switch none of the functions are working :-( The axe is receiving "midi in" only for these couple of functions. everything else i touch within the lemur app and there is no reaction. Is there any newer Lemur version than 3.06?



Fractal Fanatic
You can downgrade to V4 lemur and template works great. I did.
I'm on Mac and sync my iPad and therefore have backups. I use Time Machine for regular backups. Between the two, I had V4 in a backup, deleted V5, installed V4, been working great ever since (minus some recent firmware features).
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