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Wish System-wide modifiers


Fractal Fanatic
Not sure I understand how this would work. Using DLC's example let's say I use a Global modifier to attach EXP1 to my Wah... would it override the times I want to have an auto-wah instead of a pedal? And what about presets that don't have a Wah, but I want to use EXP1 for something else? Would it be "locked out" or would it be free to control other fx? Attaching to the Perform control might be a better idea if it didn't interfere w/ other presets, but then you'd run into the issue of either making sure you do, or don't, have that control in the menu for different presets. So we're back to a different version of the same original issue (?)

I probably wouldn't use this feature (except maybe for Volume pedal) but can see the benefits if you don't have different uses for the same function (i.e. if you always only use a pedal wah), and if your setup works with having a given pedal/switch always dedicated to that function. As long as we can still use assignments like we do now, bring it on!


No i mean attaching modifiers (global or not) to setup parameters by example
I guess I wouldn’t have much use for modifiers on any global parameters except the continuous ones (Reverb Mix, etc.). Those would be handled nicely by allowing modifiers on Perform controls.


My dream would be that every parameter could be modifiable... But i guess some parameters change induce precomputations etc...

Larry Kehl

I posted this previously in a thread by Leon Todd.

Instead of having to assign modifier sources per preset, let’s have the processor generate a list of ALL modifiable parameters, and allow us to assign a modifier source to those parameters.

This would be systemwide modifiers, avoiding the need to edit each preset individually. Similar to assigning MIDI CCs.

dr bonkers

Fractal Fanatic
I would love to globally attach a dynamics modifier to Output Comp parameter in the amp block.

I find myself using this all the time, no matter the amp, as a dynamics dependent expander to get more bounce from any amp model.
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