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Wish Switches: Toggle mode for scenes (and layouts)


I hope I didn't overlook something or an existing request.

I use the toggle option for scenes already - for presets it exists too. Personally I think it would also be useful to have a toggle configuration for layouts and views.

Background is that I have a dual switch attached to the first pedal input and use it as "stand in" switches set to master layout 11 and 12. I use those to in-/decrease views on normal press and switching layouts on long press. There is 4 views per layout - with those two buttons and toggle functionality it would be a perfect option to
a) get access to all 4 views by toggling 1. button, view 1+2 and 2. button, view 3+4
b) get access to most important two views by direct (first press) switch assignment

I saw some posts about having a "last used scene" option as well. For the views and layouts above idea would be a good option even without additional state to be remembered scene/view/etc imho.
For the layouts this might come handy as well, as most people will not use all layouts.

My current setup with in-/decrease views configured in master layout.
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