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swapping preset positions via front panel?


Fractal Fanatic
I thought I read M@ say once that we can swap preset locations via front panel without having to over write presets. How do we do that? I have looked and must be missing it.


Press Store. Page right to Swap. choose the 2 presets to swap. Press Enter 2x.

From the manual (search "Swap" in the PDF):

4.7.1 Swapping the Locations of Two Presets
The Axe-Fx II has a new feature that allows you to SWAP the locations of two saved presets. This is useful, for instance, if you want to re-order the factory presets without overwriting any of them, or if you need to move a “keeper” preset to a different location so you can overwrite its previous location with a newer entry. To SWAP two presets:

Press Store and Page to the right to the Swap page
Use Nav keys and the Value wheel to select the two presets whose locations you want to switch
Press Enter to Store
Press Enter to Confirm. The message "SWAPPED!" will briefly appear when the operation completes.
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