Sunn Model T, Ampeg V4?

I bought a Model T in 1974 and kept it over 25 years (never should have sold it). I've haven't been able to get a tone from my FM3 that brings back my memory of it.
I have been using a 65 bassman normal channel with a mesa 4x12 IR and either the 8x10 svt cab or one of the orange 4x12s depending on what you prefer. It isn’t exact by any stretch, but in the ballpark. Mess with some of the power amp settings in the bassman and that could help you get a little closer.

As a side note, I have added the model t in the wishlist section, go give it a bump to see if we can get it added!
I asked for the model t, mesa coliseum mk3, marshall major, orange thunderverb - anything with big bottles and high headroom.

Post an example of the sound you want and that’ll help a lot.
Another amp in this catagory would be those 200 watt West amps Grand Funk used. Cliff would have a hard time getting hold of one of those though.
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