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"Sunglasses At Night" Live - Axe-Fx III - Synth & Cyngus!


Power User
Cool Cats!

I love the Synth block in the Axe - offers so many possibilities. Great playing, great singing, great show, great video clip.

wow sounds great ! can you share the patch

That was really cool you guys sounded great loved the song and your band. Fractal-audio is just so amazing

Great job! Now I'm excited to learn the song.

Outstanding sound guys!

I like the use of the synth, but the amp tone is very cool also.

Thanks for all the comments! I'll try to make the preset shareable and post it up if I get a chance.


Wow. Great!
This song reminds me... The 80s.
Best time for quality pop/rock songs. (Often imitated but never matched again)

Greetings from Germany
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