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FS Suhr Modern Satin Flame & Charvel Guthrie Govin


I won't go into all the details as I'm sure you guys know what they are. I set out to buy one and ended up buying 2 knowing that I would probably have to sell 1 just because of money. I can't make up my mind so which 1 to sell so here you go. Whichever one sells I am keeping the other, and I will be happy as can be to keep it. $2700 F&F only because of tax changes + actual shipping. I have hundreds of transactions, I am gbsmusic everywhere you can look at all my feedback, Rig Talk, The Gear Page, and Ebay. I've never had a bad transaction. Message me any questions you have, I can send you my number you can call or we can message back-and-forth I'm good either way. I will say both guitars are in new condition. You can see on the top of the Suhr where your arm rests on the body and your finger by the strings when playing but you only see it in certain angles, I know it can be rubbed out but it has not bothered me. I can't get it to show up in the pictures. The neck is perfectly quartersawn. The Charvel is basically unplayed it was an open Box guitar I bought from a collector. Both guitars play & sound phenomenal! The Suhr comes with the G&G case and the Charvel comes with the factory Charvel case. As I've stated in other posts. I live 50 miles west of Missoula Montana I would much rather do a local deal.

Sorry, I cannot do any trades trades on these, I am only selling one so I can pay off the credit card I used.

I can take as many pictures as you need.


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