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Suggestion : Why not load an empty preset automatically when sending a firmware ?


I've measured the time:
2 min 15 seconds with a loaded preset
3 min 13 seconds with an empty preset
The empty preset theory doesn't work
View attachment 107883
View attachment 107882
Anyway, still not enough time to mess with The Dude's Rug, with o without an empty preset :D
For performance testing, one test is not enough... Also, which did you run first?

OS file caching, background processes (or lack of), etc can all affect things.

In any case, I said this before in another thread: I'm not sure how loading an empty preset would affect a firmware update as the units seem to stop processing anything once the load begins... For backups it makes more sense.


Matt posted his response as I was typing, which seems to confirm my last point.

Greg Ferguson

OS file caching, background processes (or lack of), etc can all affect things.
These seem to write or run much faster than the USB data transfer so I think they’re not really a consideration. For instance, the FC all-layouts export takes a lot longer to collect its data than the time it takes to write the file.

Of course, the editor could be spooling to a temporary file and only renaming or deleting it after the File Save dialog is dismissed, which would be much faster. Mac OS has a tool, the name escapes me right now, that lets us watch to see what files are open by an app, so we could figure that out if we wanted.

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Fractal Audio Systems
There is no need to load an empty preset when updating firmware, or in any other case.
When backing up or loading presets, I understand that it improves performance.
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