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Stupid Questions


I've never messed around with a MFC so I have a few questions. I'm mostly interested in switching between clean and dirty tones. When you do this on the MFC are you switching between scenes or can you switch between presets? Also, I assume when you hit for example reverb it switches the reverb off or on? Is this overkill for home use?


The MFC-101 is awesome! Overkill for home use, maybe, so what? You owe it to yourself to have as much fun with your gear as you can! :encouragement:

Hell, my MFC-101 (with its pedalboard, external switches and 3 expression pedals) is overkill even for my band (we play hardcore punk-I only need one crushing tone!), so what? :D

It can do what you mentioned plus more! There are other foot control alternatives but you can't go wrong with Fractal, imo
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