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Studio Monitor Recommendation


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I'm a home based player using Axefx 3 in a mostly untreated corner of my basement (a space kindly authorized by my wife). I mostly play for enjoyment, sometimes along with backing tracs, and sometimes I will jam with other friend/family guitarists. I dabble in recording (Logic) and use guitar based plugins (Bias) from time to time. I'll use one of 3 monitoring/Amplification Options with option 1 (KRKs) used most frequently, option 2 least frequently (Atomics with tempermental crossover wiring), and option 3 intermittently for Amp in the Room flavoured sound (PA modelling on/Cab modelling off).

1- KRK Rokit 8 Gen 2 studio monitors x 2

2- Atomic Reactor Passive Cabs powered by 2 EHX Magnum power amp pedals.

3- 2 Mesa 112 Widebody guitar cabs powered by Matrix GT1000Fx.

I suspect the KRKs are a weak link but I've not replaced them as they sound generally good to my ears with Axefx. What I've noticed more and more over time though, is that I am not hearing Fx like reverb and delay very well thru the KRKs and I can't seem to bring those fx out in them. If I switch from option 1 above to 2 (or even 3), I immediately hear reverb/delay much more and with more clarity.

So I'm thinking of changing studio monitors to resolve this, and also because I suspect I'm also missing out on some Axefx amp model clarity thru the KRKs.

I'm hoping to stay in the low/mid price range and keep the price under $1k Canadian (800US). Almost pulled the trigger on some Yamaha HS8s yesterday but want to get your thoughts before proceeding on what might work well, or on what I might be doing wrong with the KRKs.


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I’ve read lots of positive thoughts on the HS8 for the money.

Maybe trying with what you have, running One set dry and send the wet signal to another set


I use Genelecs 8040s - I did a side by side when I bought them to KRK Rokit 8’s and there was no comparison. Maybe I was playing a higher end Genelec but the sound improvement was night and day better. They are also built like tanks!

Good luck, Gilesy.


My take is that if your budget is tight any KRK is fine, if you have more money and you are looking to use them for mixing as well, get any good 3-way speakers. And if you will gig, get any good self-powered speakers and stick with that for practice.


@OP I know this was not on your 3 but the HS8 are fricken amazing for the price I couldnt be more happy with them.
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