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Strat pups similar to Burns Tri Sonics


Fractal Fanatic
I'm interested in a Brian May Red Special because it's such an unique guitar with a very unique voice.
But I don't like the control layouts so much.
I wanted to experiment with pups that are similar in sound and was wondering if anyone ever came across single coils that sounded similar.
I've contacted Adeson also to see if his pups are still available.

Andy Eagle

Fractal Fanatic
No, just buy a set and have a pick guard made to hold them. They won't sound the same on a strat though but a set of 8's will help.


Fractal Fanatic
I thought as much.
It seems Adeson and Yonderbosk make decent Tri Sonics.
I was thinking of putting it in a mahogany body/neck configuration with a short scale neck.
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