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Strap locks


No more dirty fingers from the dust that schallers cause.

I'm guessing your talking about the metal shavings?

With all strap locks, I use a dab of slick 50. It keeps them quiet, and I don't get any metal shaving dust.

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I use and recommend Dunlop strap locks. But I recently got a guitar in which the strap button is "in the back of the top horn" and I'm currently looking for a "less protruding" alternative. Is it in bad taste to use grolsch rubbers on a Strandberg? LOL


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Loxx looks interesting, but it seems you can't use them with a plain strap (without the mating Loxx part installed). Dunlop and Schaller protrude, but you can use any strap in an emergency, as they double as a standard strap button. The Dunlop is pretty robust as a standard button. The Schaller i might not trust as much.

That is why I use Dunlop.
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