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Strange gig


Played bass guitar - thru some bass (SV) presets I have - with my Country band last night. First gig with the new Avatar B210 cab I recently received. Drove 82 miles [one way] down the interstate to a wine bar - yes! Wine bar for a 3hr gig. First gig for us at this venue. New B210 cab performed stellar and needed some breaking in :)

My bedroom is larger than this place !! We left the acoustic drums at home and brought the Roland TD rig. Set that on the stage.. stage is a relative term. Think small-town America old-world curved-glass retail-shop window with room for about 4 display mannequins. My kids bathroom upstairs is *larger*. There was so little room I set up my rig (Axe-II, Crown Xti4000 amp, Avatar B210 cab) in *front* of the drums. When I say in front, I mean the speakon connector on back of the B210 was touching the drum kits front support leg. Nowhere else to go, and I played on the floor in front of stage as customers brushed past me while entering and exiting the bar. LOL. Had to run line from OUT2 to mixer used for drums, and pan input hard right (2 speakers used for drums), so drummer could hear some bass. I had OUT1 set to about 8 o'clock for the gig.. If I rolled it up.. the walls would have rattled. Owner not happy :(

Guitar player brought his Bose tower for vocals. Having heard/used them in larger settings I was thinking uh-oh!
But no, 3 vocals with a little reverb and that single tower handle the vocals with clarity, definition and punch. I wouldn't use them/it for anything much larger, but GREAT (albeit expensive) for wine bar/coffee house size gigs.

Apprehensions, volume challenges and all aside... it was one of the strangest gigs I've done. Having gigged everywhere from the front porch of a double-wide to aircraft hangars, this one had to have ranked as one of the *funnest* gigs I've done.
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Did the cork sniffers like your tone?

LOL -yeah.. we got invited back !! I'm not much of a wine drinker, but the upside is that the vineyard the venue represents lets the band DRINK FOR FREE !! All the vino one can consume. Had some nice wines to choose from too. :)


Fractal Fanatic
Nice! Love those small strange gigs. I played in the house band at a super small bar (fire code was 65 people). No stage, we had to move the juke box and take out tables every sunday. The place was packed every single time. It was like a house party!

Another time I got hired to play a dinner party for the chamber of commerce. I threw together a rag tag band of metal heads and armed with acoustic guitars and a keyboard, we played instrumental versions of marilyn manson, metallica, etc...

Absolutely love those gigs.


I got booked to play at (what turned out to be) an illegal biker bar once.

The crowd was pretty large and it was a mix of bikers and regular joes.

Oddly enough, it was the most well-behaved place I've ever set foot in. The sign that said "People causing trouble will be killed" probably helped on that front.


"how many in the band... 4? Ok well make sure there is enough room for 4 people to stand."

Arrive at gig. Literally enough room for 4 people to stand single file shoulder to shoulder.

"oh you have instruments?"

I left. Hahaha we all left the gig hahaha.
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