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Stoner Rock


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I have a preset I consider stoner, but I don't actively listen to a lot of it anymore (red fang was popular in the van depending on the city we were in).

This started life as a mastodon-inspired thing but now I just consider it my high gain reverb preset haha. Scene 1, 3 and 5 are the amp and 2/4/6 are with the parallel reverb.


  • RV50 S2.syx
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Here's one I use for a Kyuss or Samsara Blues Experiment kind of tone.

P.S. Last time I saw Red Fang, I believe they were using Sunn amps.


  • Reality.syx
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This is more specific to the Doom side:
I used to focus on the Orange amps with sorcerer cabs approach, but with Cygnus, I have found that a high gain modern metal sound (ala BLITZ III preset, scene 3) played with a neck P90 and rolling the tone way down totally nails it. For the QotSA style stoner vibe, you still need to do the mids to the max approach.
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