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Stone Temple Pilots. The Art Of Letting Go


One word, WOW
The new song by Stone Temple Pilots called The Art Of Letting Go is an amazing piece of music. If you haven't heard it check it out Amazing playing amazing solo making song structure amazing everything!!!!
It's about time someone released a truly great album in 2018


Power User
I've been meaning to post about the new album. There's a lot of good stuff on there. I'm liking the new singer.

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
At first listen it's really good but I have that 'wince' factor since STP was/is one of my favorite bands that have new vocalists (Dishwalla, Alice In Chains are others) but like the two... just creating good music. Giving this a lot more time on 'play' though, I dig it.


Jeff Gutt, the new singer, is great. He was on X Factor twice and was runner-up on his second attempt.

I loved his cover of Daniel, even though a certain cokehead autotune-princess was a real c u next Tuesday in her comments because she clearly is unable to appreciate a great rendition of a great song.

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