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Stolen JPXI 7 in Tampa Bay Area, FL


Fractal Fanatic
The security system has pinpointed what day/time it was taken out of the building, the same day a counseling center was renting out the building. They have a list of who was in and out. If I don't hear anything in a week I'll post up that serial, the guys in the Pd who told me not to post it are all good friends of mine. I've been told that insurance might cover the guitar as well but I have no clue about that just yet. I'll keep this thread updated if I get new info.
we will keep our fingers crossed for ya.

Tommy Tequila

Maybe post the last 4 digits of the serial or something like that? It might help people identify it, without giving it all away.



No new update on the guitar search but I'll be reimbursed so at the very least its going to cover the cost of a JP15. In one sense I'm happy about that but honestly the XI with those BKP's was pretty amazing. The guitar played so well it set the bar high for everything else. NGD somewhat soon ( I heard July sometime) and this past Monday I actually picked up a 6 string Majesty lol, to cope with the loss of the XI of course haha jk . Thanks again for all the help guys.


Fractal Fanatic
What are the 10 Commandments again ??

Thy shall not djent... ;)

All kidding aside, shocked that people steal from churches that are meant to be open almost at all times for everybody for thoughts and praying. I am by no means practicing or very religious but the day security guards are needed at churches is the day all is lost...


Heres the serial number for that guitar : F41684. Haven't heard anything so that really sucks but maybe something could turn up..
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