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Still need AC power if using 7 pin Midi and LF Jr?


Fractal Fanatic
So, my LF Jr. arrived today. I bought it second hand and it didn't come with an AC adapter, but it did come with a 7pin midi cable. I guess I assumed that would be enough. Is this a setting on the Axe FX or do I still need the adapter to plug into the Phantom Power jack on the back?

Also, I know the LF AC adaptor is 9v AC 1000ma. Can I use my Pod XTL adaptor which is 9vAC 2000ma? I figure that's peak, so the LF would just draw what it needs.


Power User
Yes, you *do* need the adapter to plug into the Phantom Power jack on the back. However, it doesn't have to be exactly the same adaptor from the same manufacturer... as long as you find one with the right voltage, the right polarity, and the correct sized plug for the back of the Axe-fx, you'll be running.
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