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Still looking for that perfect FAT Robin Trower Univibe sound


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I Friggin' LOVE that pedal. Yes: someone, anyone, give us the warm, meaty sound this thing has, 'cause I don't want anything else in my pedal board!
My Fulltone De-ja does it perfectly ......... I know - it's not in the Axe - but it is when I place it just before my Axe -> IN - These are amazing accurate reproductions and nail that sound.


I finally acquired both a Megavibe and an Aquavibe... both units are fantastic but yet different and compliment
each other nicely. Had a long waiting list on both tho. Many of the forums I had researched first (long while ago now)
seemed to tilt towards the Megavibe being about the best out there. A fellow buddy bough the Fulltone and its not quite the vibe the Megavibe is.


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Any chance you'll procure a Sweet Sound Ultra Vibe II? I'd love to hear how it compares to the MegaVibe.

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So, any way to achieve that quality of vibe in the Axe FX II?

Still trying to dial in better flanger and phaser sounds too.

Is it a matter of running parallel?


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(Great product demoer! And even though this is also a digital product, I have not been able to achieve this with the Axe FX.)

This one too (not to mention all the other great demos on youtube):



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Other than the Effectrode Tube Vibe (which I used to own, but of course, uses tubes...), the Dry Bell just really seems to nail it.

I've never used the Fulltone De-ja.


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This sounds good, but it seems to be missing the throb and the almost mangled tone he achieved. You can really hear the vibe clearly in Pete's Dry Bell demo.

I feel like I just can't get enough with the vibe in the Axe. It seems like there must be a way, I just can't quite get it yet.

I often struggle with the phaser and flanger too, in that respect. I also can't nail a certainly type of spring verb (check out the Big Sky demo for a great example).

Here's my attempt at a Bridge of Sighs:

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