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Still Don't Understand The Fretboard? Free eBook.


Fractal Fanatic
I received it as well.....looking forward to exploring it.
Did you have success?? timeframe ?


I have to admit that I didn't spend enough time with it yet. But if you have the discipline to do it I guess you will get to know the fretboard pretty good. Furthermore I am still looking for THAT Chord-Fusion-Pentatonic-Scale-Blues-Rock etc. Book/Online Course...
There is so much stuff out there but most of it sounds corny in my ears at the end of the day. So I always come back to learn instead of that sections of Zappa Solos. I never reached the point to make a certain musical concept really work for me. OK, you can do a lot with the pentatonic scale. But there are for example book who teach you to use the pentatonic scale in a modal way. I understand the concept, but I can not say. that I reached any really good results with this approach.


I just received it a few days ago and have been exploring it. It is very well written and extremely easy to understand. I highly recommend it! I have been playing for over 40 years but am always seeking out new ways of understanding the guitar as I am self taught and learned many things "wrong" and picked up many bad habits over the years. This book had many easy to understand short cuts and memory tricks that have helped me out greatly.


Huge response. Thanks guys. I hope this method works for you all and you finally see how simply laid out the fret board is to navigate.

AJ Vargas

Well, thank YOU @JT2

I also have been reading through and so pleased as how easy and intuitive it's laid out. The progression of the concepts is so easy to follow that it really motivates you throughout the course so you don't suddenly hit a wall.

Gonna spend some time with it for sure, I totally recommend it.


Thanks AJ. Nearly everyone that struggled with guitar neck concepts finally 'got it' if they kept with this method. It's worked for thousands of people. I'm glad your motivated. Stay with it and your freedom to move around the neck will improve greatly. :)


To anyone looking for the ebook just ask and I'll send you one. Yes it's free.

For all of you that took me up on this offer and are looking for the web site you won't find it. I deleted it awhile back. I had it for years and it did very well. Sold a boatload of this. But I don't have the time or inclination anymore so I decided Free is good. I love hearing that someone came to a realization and it opened the flood gates. I hope you have one that propels you.

There was a promo video a while ago you may get a kick out of. A real 2nd year student, my Med school son, and me as the geek teacher.
Hey all -

I’m about 70 pages into this and it’s amazing. While I’ve been learning a lot of this from various sources the way you have this laid out building each concept on the previous is great. Plus the humor is great! Thank you again.
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