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Steve Vai Q&A's


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I've been trying to watch what I can on my lunch break and then see if I can catch the rest on YouTube. This is some really cool stuff, and I'm one of those oddballs that enjoys the Thursday casts more than Tuesday. Very deep guy and I appreciate the way he articulates things.


Yeah, I agree. I like the Thursday Hard Questions better As well. It gets pretty deep. Especially the one where the kid emailed him contemplating suicide. OMG, he spent like 30 min going on and on. Talk about tough questions. Wow. No pressure or anything...right? He did such a great job consoling that situation.
Then he goes in deep with TM. That really struck a nerve with me. I have a lot of issues that need to be dealt with and I have followed his recommendations on TM. It’s amazingly refreshing. Really cuts out the negative vibes I’m carrying around. He should be like a TM leader or something.....


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I need to see that one. I got in on the meditation episode and was very interested in his views.

I first got into that nearly 30 years ago, but jobs, life, and other things have kept kind of pulling me off that type of life. Been back into it for about a year and a half, and I am meeting a lot of people with that type of mindset. I let myself go pretty bad as far as weight goes, but I'm back to doing yoga eating healthy and other exercise.

The meditation is seriously making a huge difference in freeing blocks to creativity. Plus the people I am hanging with have been the biggest help in that respect. Never thought moving from SoCal to my old hometown of Oregon would spawn this type of thing. Seeing my favorite guitarist discussing this coud not have happened at a better time. I am just in awe of Vai, and although I knew that was part of what makes him so amazing, actually hearing him talk so openly about it is refreshing and very educational.


The episode with the clean tone song "Candle Power" really is something else. Nice composition and amazing skills. I'd like to see him play more of this type of stuff.


There was a LOT of cool stuff going on there!

If I just heard that and didn't see I would have never guessed it was Vai.
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