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Steve Vai preset to use with synergy preamp -> updated 9/28/2023 with audio clips.


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Steve Vai preset to use with synergy preamp, this is to use with the Synergy Vai module (no internal preamp settings) into the Axe Fx III I used the wring as per the schematic of his rack cords. this is effects only. You could add a preamp setting if you would like. I have included the settings for the Vai module as he sets them on stage. This is also using his actual delays he released at Christmas as I was told they would be used....or as close as I could tell they would be stacked.

Let me know what you think.

Link to audio files. -> 381282647_1337347603575287_5905963348270498773_n (1).jpg381323730_843909193707209_5862142268186490716_n.jpgIMG20230918160849.jpg


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Let me know what you think
Sounds good. I run the VLD1 straight in and turn delete the amp block and drives on a number of Vai inspired presets. Sounds great all on it's own w/o a power amp. I'm very disappointed with its Clean channel though.
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