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Steve Vai "For the Love of God"


I brought a axe fx Ultra of a friend of mine a while ago....and i was curious what type of tone i could get from it- (i have Owned a Axe fx 2, ax8 in the Past ) and now the Ultra.
On this video i was going for a Steve Vai tone, and after several times of trial and error i came up with this sound for Steve Vai's "the love of god" piece... The amp i used was a USA version...- with the Gain right down at 1 and the compressor and drive give the sound a punchy Attack. The sound mainly came from the Guitar, weathered down through the axe fox's process chain... And give some Life-then added the delay to even out the Sound.

Feedback is welcome as I'm still learning-(thanks for reading)



This is one of my favorites. You did it justice. It's technically challenging but to convey the spirit of the song with vibrato and whammy is the real hard part IMO. Really great job. Back to the woodshed for me...


That was pure perfection! You made my day with this clip.... Thank you!
(I would love to have that patch to put in my Ultra.) :cool:
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