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Stereo vs. Mono at gigs. What are you using?

I think it depends on the size of the venue and if the audience will hear your stage set up at all. I always play full stereo. Mostly small venues and lots of times I'm just lightly amplified by the front of house. Playing in stereo gives me a much more defined sound and makes me play way more relaxed. Also, with a slight stereo delay, the legato stuff comes out more defined.


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Stereo. This includes, but is not limited to, hard panned dual chorus with a bit of direct in the center, wide reverbs, etc. If FOH is mono (very rare), I only give them one channel. I never let them sum both channels to mono. The chorus and reverb sound ok if only one channel is used. Summing to mono sounds like shit.


We typically play small pubs, and we use our own PA with no guitar backline at all. We run subtle stereo effects for both me (electric guitar) and the other guitarist (acoustic guitar). About the only stereo effect I use on the electric is chorus, not panned maybe 50% off center. Delays are generally mono, or stereo with light panning. The mono acoustic gets a stereo "enhancer" via the XR-18 mixer. Both guitars sound fatter with a bit of stereo, ever for audience members on the far right and left sides of the stage. (I've confirmed this by walking around the room in the middle of a song.) If we're playing a larger venue or outdoors, everything gets panned closer to the center.


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I recommend going mono.
More free channels. Less cables. Easier. Makes more sense.

Stereo in gigs is not worth it.
If it's a small stage/pub - You may pan individual channels slightly, but stereo outputs from instruments is a waste. It's not worth it. Also, If you overdo it, the Audience on one side of the stage will only hear half of your sound.
If it's a big stage (arena) - People will not experience the Stereo of your sound anyway.


only STEREO.
Why? because my Keyboarder is using Stereo too and it's not possible to play a mono PA system.

I do have a second guitar player in the band that plays on some songs but not on all so I just give less level on one side to make room for him. works perfectly fine.

I wouldn't play mono ever again. It's the age of stereo! And all Venues I toured in Europe, even small clubs, were stereo so far.


I’d make my patches stereo (or even quadraphonic if you want a wet/dry rig), but have the equipment on hand to sum it all clear down to mono if you show up to the gig and there aren’t enough channels.


I would just try it out and see how you like it. In my opinion stereo is really great for small to medium sized venues, especially if you are a 3 piece.
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