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Stereo setup with FRFR and guitar cab



Is it possible to do a stereo setup with one guitar cab with power amp and one powered FRFR speaker? What will be the routing?


Greg Ferguson

Yes, it's possible. There are a number of scenarios covered in the manual in section 3.4. Did you look through it? What have you tried? What happened when you tried it? As is, we don't know what your available connections are so we'll be tossing out guesses so if you tell us up front what you are using and what you tried it'll save us all time helping you.
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Thanks for answering. I have the axe fx connected to a power amp running to a 2 x12 guitar cab. The power amp is connected to output 1 of the axe fx unbalanced L output, and from the power amp i run a lone to the 2 x 12. I have a powered FRFR cab that i used in the past connected to axe fx out of the balanced output 1. At the moment i am just using the power amp coronary artery disease s/p CABG setup, but i would like to integrate the 2 systems and run IR simulation in the FRFR and no cab simulation in the 2 x 12. But also if is possible to run the effects in stereo. There was a preset in the original presets in the axe fx that was a template for regular cab and FOH at the same time, but i erased and can't find it. I know the basic routing as explained in the manual section 3.4, but i don't know how to setup the effects in stereo?
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