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stereo cab vs two mono hires cabs - question


only just realised that a stereo cab is at low resolution (d'oh), so if i want stereo hires i need to use two cabs. just started switching over on all my presets that have enough memory, but are my ears deceiving me, or do you get a hike in volume when you switch from using one to the other? how many db's do i need to lower the cab levels by to compensate?



It depends on how you're panning. Assuming a mono signal sent to cabs: Stereo cab w/ Pan L and Pan R fully left & right will be the same output level as 2 mono cabs w/ balance L & R. If pans/balances are centered the 2 mono cabs will be 6 dB louder. Balance elsewhere would be between 0 and 6 dB louder, and balance doesn't correspond 1:1 to pan L/R for the same placement. Balances will need to be further toward -50 or 50.
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