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Steel Panther type Harmonizing with pitch shifter


I originally owned the Axe-fx 1 and a few months ago got the 2 . I love the thing to death but have been having trouble getting a believable harmonizing effect . Searched the forum and found Cliff and others giving tips but still I'm still not satisfied. I'm trying to get a high gain double harmony lead similar to Satchel ( Russ Parish ) from Steel Panther . Listen to this clip at around 3:08 to 3:30 for an example . Steel Panther - Just like tiger woods - YouTube . Looking to be able to switch it in and out of the chain and keep all the dynamics and volume of original patch ..

Tried the pitch block before the amp, between amp and cabinet , after cabinet , in parallel and a few other sequences . Any info would be greatly appreciated ..

PS ...I'm using an an FRFR set up ..


Maybe we'll see some improvements on that front with 7.0

If the latency on the pitch shifter that one can use to tune down is improved that will be awesome too.
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