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Wish Startup in Sticky Mode


There is a discussion I started in another thread (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/startup-with-sticky-scenes.121546/) about being able to be in sticky scenes (or presets) mode immediately on startup.
This could be some selection of specific options, like "Start Mode: Normal | Sticky Scenes | Sticky Presets."

Or it could be something like selecting one (or even a sequence: "F2" then "F3") of the F switches immediately after boot so it could do various. Something like:

  • Activate on Startup (1st): None | F1 (short) | F2 (short) | F3 (short) | F1 (long) | F2 (long) | F3 (long)
  • Activate on Startup (2nd): None | F1 (short) | F2 (short) | F3 (short) | F1 (long) | F2 (long) | F3 (long)

If, for example, you had F2 short press setup as sticky scenes and F3 long press setup as the tuner, you could assign the first 1st Activate on Startup to F2 (short) and the 2nd to F3 (long). This would put you in sticky scenes and engage the tuner immediately on startup.
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