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Star Wars - The Force Awakens - No Spoilers!


Just watched it last night and it's really really amazing.
I was afraid that JJ Abrams would mess thing up (kinda hate him after Lost tbh) but he has done a fantastic job.
I'm clearly in still in the honey moon, but this movie is probably the best of all.
If time allows I will probably see it again on the weekend :)
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I have a ticket for Christmas day. Trying to stay away from any spoilers, but man... it's getting tough. Thanks for not spoiling it. :)


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Going to see the 9:15AM IMAX showing today, really looking forward to it. Star Wars movies were always about the combination of the visual spectacle, soundtrack and in the original movies, great characters, dialogue and plot. I'm not hating on the prequels, because they do have some redeeming qualities, but I'm looking forward to having those last three elements given their due importance again.


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Going tommorow evening. Looking forward to it even more after reading the comment about what JJ Abrams accomplished. Thanks for not spoiling!


Saw last night, private screening. I thought overall it was good. I still wish there were more memorable character names. I came a way remembering maybe 3 names.


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It was awesome! Better than I thought possible.

Saw it at a vendor sponsored private event early this morning.


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Saw it last night and I am so happy it lived up to everything I could have ever wanted from a star wars movie, such a return to form after the prequel trilogy :)

Snape kills Dumbledore btw


My wife has never seen the series. We are using the force to make her watch 4,5,6 or she cannot go. Man Episode 4 is painfully slow and I almost wished that they would have just done a reboot.....


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Star Wars Marathon today, movie tonight. Church lock-in. We'll finish Return of the Jedi when we get back from the movie. (Gotta get there really, really early)

me : )

Just watched it a few hours ago...found it a little disappointing to be honest but will save the details and opinions until it has been viewed by others. Still entertaining for sure though


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Me and the wife watched it tonight.

I'm really happy it was made but I would give it a 7.5/10, a little disappointed with a few things


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It actually started out slow. Lots of pulling from other movies. To be expected. And still good. The surprises were good.


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thanks for the update. and thanks for no spoil discussion guys. cant wait for watching this movie.


To continue with the no spoilers approach, a decent movie, maybe 2.5 stars out of 4. Lots of riffing on earlier Star Wars themes. Felt like Disney reined in JJ Abrams from going too far afield before they had re-established all of the classic SW themes. I am an Abrams fan so I hope they give him a little more latitude in the next couple of movies.


being from the original trilogy camp and disappointed with the prequel trilogy, i was having high expectations for episode vii, given that this was a chance for redemption. i must say that i thoroughly enjoyed the movie. although the story could have been better, i am now filled with a new hope that this episode is only a foretaste of what is to come in 2017..
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