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SRV Tones for the AX8


I've never been able to find a good SRV tone in the AX8. Some preset makers have tried, but the only one I heard come close was Tyler Grund on the Axe-FX II. I haven't been able to recreate that on the AX8. I can get in the same ballpark, but I'm finding it real hard to nail. Has anyone here gotten those tones out of their AX8? I'm especially interested in the tones from "Lenny" and "Little Wing."


That's a cool blues tone, thanks man I'll download it. What I can never get though is that Lenny/Little Wing clean glassy SRV tone quite right.

Pete Thorn had a video on they how to get that sound with a fuzz in front of the amp and the volume rolled back. I found it, and maybe this will give you some ideas on dialing it in.



I can only recommend that one:

Generally speaking: have you tried just placing a TS before different Basman amp?
I´d say on the TS: Volume Up, Gain Down; on the Bassman: typical "Magic 6" - setting (Bass Down, Treble Up)...I got a silverface Bassman and put Volume on 7, Treble on 7 and Bass on 2 for example.
On the Blackface 165 Bassman in the Axe fx with TS Volume Up, Gain Down and then a strat with Neck PU it shouldn´t be that difficult.
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