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SRV Inspired Preset



I was watching an older tutorial by Tyler Grund where he broke down his Stevie Ray Vaughan preset for the Axe-FX II and thought I'd take a stab at recreating it for the FM3. Although the FM3 does not support dual amp blocks, I feel I was able to get very close, producing some very usable tones. I tried some other impulse responses but came to the conclusion that Tyler's own JBL E130 impulse response sounded the absolute best in this application. Preset was dialed in at gig-volume using my Fender American Professional Strat with V-Mod pickups. Your results may vary.

Scenes are as follows:

Scene 1 (Little Wing): Wah (Auto-Engage) -> Vibrato Verb AB -> Cab -> Reverb
Scene 2 (Cold Shot): Wah (Auto-Engage) -> Vibrato Verb AB -> Cab -> Rotary -> Reverb
Scene 3 (Pride and Joy): Wah (Auto-Engage) -> Drive -> Vibrato Verb AB -> Cab -> Reverb
Scene 4 (The Sky Is Crying): Wah (Auto-Engage) -> Drive -> Vibrato Verb AB (With Internal Drive) -> Cab -> Reverb

Download via Axe-Change here:


Requires the "JBL E130 SM57 C" impulse response available here:


As always, all comments and critiques are welcome. If you enjoy this preset, please consider a donation to Tyler Grund for use of his excellent impulse response. Donations can be made via his website here: http://tylergrund.com/axefx2/ Thanks to Tyler Grund for his original SRV preset for the Axe-FX II and for his blessing to use his impulse response.
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