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Special Thanks to Simeon and Leon


it's great to be able to benefit from advice, sharing... from such knowledgeable peoples! (and the community of course!)
united around the passion for music,
Thank you All!

John M

I just got lost for an hour in the Multitap delay block. Now we are talking! I knew the FXIII was capable of these sounds, but it takes someone familiar with all the available parameters to craft it into something usable and gorgeous. Thank you @simeon and Leon @2112. I wouldn't mind if you cooked up some more delights.
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About 2 years ago I first got serious about researching what pro-grade effects units I wanted to buy, and started really looking at Fractal. It was about that time I became aware of this thing you could do, where guys who really knew their shit would make presets, and all you had to do was download them and install them into your unit. And I saw guys on videos going through how they set their parameters, and I thought, "Wow! I didn't know this stuff had come that far. How cool would that be?"

Well tonight, after watching Leon's new video showcasing them, I just had to have these latest awesome delays, (especially since buying a used Lexicon PCM70 was one of the routes I was considering going), so I updated to 17.01, and while watching his video a 2nd time, I set my parameters right along with him, and got to enjoy the same killer sounds! This is just absolutely an amazing piece of gear, with the best support, and a great time to be a guitarist!

Thank you guys!
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